HTC Wallonie is the sole treatment centre for non-hazardous liquids in Wallonia!

In accordance with the law, we hold an environmental license for a period of 30 years, to which is added registration as a collector of non-hazardous waste.

With a daily capacity of 450 T, HTC W possesses all of the advanced technology needed to efficiently process a large variety of effluents, including dehydration of liquid sludge by pressing:

Our installations comprise:
a Screening Unit
Physical-Chemical Treatment with a capacity of 20 m³/hour
Double purification station with a capacity of 4500 m³ (Aeration /Nitrification / Denitrification)
Active charcoal filter
Discharge chamber with sampler

Press filter with a treatment capacity of 50 T/day

Accessible from 08.00 to 18.00, our installations are equipped with many discharge points which vary according to the process of waste treatment to be applied, thereby saving on waiting time.

With a large parking lot, our site allows for temporary storage of waste in IBC/containers until the treatment of their contents.

In order to verify the conformity of our discharges, and also to develop a specification sheet on the waste prior to treatment, HTC W has a laboratory on site and a qualified chemist. 

HTC Wallonie is the must-have alternative for all companies producing non-hazardous waste and wishing to bring a legal solution to bear on the environmental impact!

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HTC Walloniƫ

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4041 Milmort

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